Yas Studio profile

Yas Studio was setup in England 1997. In the same year, its first exhibition was held in Leicester Gallery where over 50 illustrations and stories behind each image were displayed to the public.

Since then, the studio continues to produce anime artworks, character design and illustrations, and focused on digital animation and film making.

Miko's profile

Yasumiko Cindy Tsz-Yan Lo-Garry is omni-being who has been an engineer, artist-designer, animator, researcher and philosopher, working in a variety of disciplines such as business IP development, project management, engineering control systems, automation, CG simulations, HMI & software design, film and TV production, anime design and illustration, game arts and development, etc.

In 2010, Miko was awarded a PhD on 'Practice as Research" methodology for art, technology and design development and implementation, using both experimental investigation and applied research. Her academic works were incorporated into commercial IP development business and digital film making techniques.

Miko is a little Martian, takes life seriously but with fun and humor. Her imagination can create 'Real' monsters in reality. Her self-motivation is powered by 'Rocket fuel' and her insights exceed Prometheus' forethoughts, leading to her success in multi- and inter-disciplinary areas. The truth is: she just loves to try anything-everything new. She believes in experiential learning, exchanging experiences to review and strengthen one's critical thinking, to enrich life.

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