A compression / tension system

Mechanical Testing

Red Core Consulting owns a customized Instron universal testing system. Tensile and compressive tests, such as ASTM D1621, can be performed on specimens as well as simple strength and brittleness tests.

The system uses a calibrated load-cell to determine the applied forces, and the system is fitted with a thermally-controlled chamber. Objects can be warmed, cooled, and even tested whilst submerged in liquid nitrogen.

Crosshead speed:1 mm min-1 to 0.5 m min-1
Crosshead displacement precision:± 0.005 mm
Load capability:± 11 kN
Temperature range:-196 °C to +50° C
Thermal enclosure size (W x D x H):0.2 m x 0.2 m x 0.27 m
Maximum distance between platens:1 m