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Dr James R C Garry

Dr Garry is a chartered physicist, is a member of the Institute of Physics, and is a member of the ASTM. He has worked in the sciences for over 20 years and has supported three planetary spacecraft missions primarily in the field of instrument calibration. That led him to build systems with specialized optics, vacuum control, cooling systems, and gas analysis equipment. His handiwork can be found in places ranging from Isidis Planitia on Mars to beneath the streets of Hamburg and his publication history can be found here.

Dr Yasumiko C Lo

With an Aerospace Systems BSc. and PhD in 'Practice as Research' methodology, Dr Lo has 20 years of experience in engineering design, R&D for IP industry, project management & financial control for natural resources projects.
Projects she has designed include management systems for BA Cargo centre, PLC for power station Shajiao-C, automation & controls for Evacuation System GEMEVAC, robotics for BNFL's New Oxide Fuel Complex, multi-disciplinary study for Scottish Nuclear dry store project, graphic controls for Fertilizer Plant QAFCO, numerous technology & IP development for Microsoft exclusive Sudeki, Sony Killzone upgrade, Xbox franchise Overlord, and resource projects for Oyu Tolgoi, Sappi PM11 Paper Mill upgrade, etc.